Advice for Those that are Disabled or for Carers

DisabledStruggling to pay your bills is not one way you should be working as a carer, some information for those who give at least thirty five hours in care services to the elderly or a disabled person should know compensation may be available to assist you. There is a weekly payment available for those people who are sixteen years old or older, who spend the majority of their weeks, at least up to thirty five hours of the week spent in giving care to a disabled person. This person does not have to be related to you, you do not have to live with them, but you do have to give services to them to qualify. Make an important note, the carer allowance is taxable and if you receive other benefits, this could reduce those benefits. The carer allowance is about fifty nine pounds a week, you can opt to have the monies distributed to you weekly in advance, or be paid at four or thirteen weeks. It’s your decision. The money will be deposited straight to your bank account.

Depending on the type of care you give, you may be eligible for a pension credit and may be also able to claim other benefits. When talking about the drop in benefits, earlier last year a new type of credit was issued, called the Universal Credit, if you get this credit already, then claiming Carer benefits may reduce the Universal Credit you already receive. Because the Universal Credit is based on the means-tested credits, the amount you get from the carer allowance will reduce the benefits by the same amount on the Universal Credit, which affects: Housing Benefit, Income Support, Income based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Pension credit and Universal Credit. Another program called a Carer Premium is collected in the benefits before the deductions occur.

Even after all the deductions in benefits there may still be an available tax credit from the Council Tax Reduction. Technically speaking, you are not allowed to get more than one income replacement benefit, because of the overlapping benefit rule. If you are unable to receive the Carer’s Allowance because you are getting the State Pension, you may be qualifying for the underlying entitlement to the Carer’s Allowance. This status will enable you to get the carer premiums for Jobseeker’s Allowance as well as Income Support or Extra Amounts for Carer’s in Pension Credit; still you may opt to get the Carer Element for the Universal Credit.

Carer’s give as much of their time for the people they take care of, whether you are a relative, a friend or even a neighbour, proper compensation for your time and energies should be accessible to all carer’s through several organisations. There is help if you are willing to take a lower credit in another area of the benefits package for those who qualify. Disability is no simple task, without the tax credits people giving care may feel overwhelmed. Check with your local council to see where you fall in the benefits zone of the care you give before applying for more. More importantly, keep up the hard work, caring for or being a disabled person is not easy. You may want to also look into further help in the form of a support group in the South or South West. Also find out more here

Disability Caused By Medical Negligence? What Can You Do?

It isn’t just physical disabilities either. Claims for psychological damage and disability are also common. In many ways, the mental disorders arising from poor quality health service diagnosis and therapies can be even more debilitating than bodily ones. They rob the individual of their mental well-being, as well as their ability to earn a living. In all cases of disability caused by medical malpractice, it is the patient who suffers and it should be the medical practitioners and their institutions that should compensate them for that suffering. Mistakes do happen! No matter how mindful doctors and nurses are when treating patients.

Negligence DisabledAccording to their Hippocratic oath the first duty of doctors everywhere, is ‘to do no harm’. No doctor intentionally goes about causing disabilities in their patients. Yet medical negligence claims help line Medical Negligence Assist, deal with cases of disability caused to patients by doctors, nurses and other medical staff because of mistakes and neglect on a daily basis. Disability claims because of malpractice in the health service are settled daily, among all the other civil claims in UK law courts.

Prevention is always better than cure and the only way to prevent medical malpractice is to keep the practitioners on their toes by letting them know they will pay for any and all mistakes they make. This has the added general benefit of spreading the news. The more we know about malpractice claims the more mindful we make our doctors.

Why Claim if you disabled due to medical negligence?

If you are disabled due to clinical negligence you may need the compensation to help with every day life. You also may have lost your job or your business. Their has been a lot of cases in the UK were victims have been made disable due to hospital negligence or even GP negligence and many victims have been awarded over 1 Million ponds. Their injuries have been life changing and it is important that they do get the right amount of compensation they deserve.

So it is not just your right to make a claim for disability compensation in the event of your bad experience at the hands of the NHS, it is your duty. Mistakes by doctors and nurses are always considered to be just that, unintended honest slip-ups. But this is of little concern to the sufferer when it comes to making a claim. Claims are against both the individual practitioners and the clinics or hospitals where the unfortunate incidents take place.

What can you do, if you feel you have been victimised as a patient? Or if you have been disabled in some physical or psychological way at the hands of the NHS? Well you can’t do anything about it alone. To make sure you get a fair hearing, broadcast your experience and win appropriate compensation you need a lawyer.
Not just any old lawyer though. You need one who is well versed in the law surrounding medical malpractice. You better believe there is an awful lot of law and precedence around this area of legal practice too. Make your first port of call the website of to arrange a preliminary sympathetic discussion about your personal circumstances.

With most claims medical practitioners and their management teams will attempt to resolve cases as soon as they can. This means normally well before it comes to court. They are, of course all too aware of how negative publicity arising from a court appearance can damage their reputations. This is also in the sufferer’s interest since the sooner they get compensation the sooner they can begin to rebuild their lives as best they can.