Benefits and Financial Help For Those In The South And South West Of The UK

Disability does not have to be a burden if you live in England and Wales, you may apply disabled facilities grant, this grant allows you to make physical changed to your home in order to allow for disabled people to live comfortably in the home.

An attendance allowance may be another option for the way to go with disability care of someone in your home. If you are aged sixty five and older you may be able to apply for Fifty three pounds or up to seventy nine pounds a week for help with personal care; especially if you are physically or mentally disabled. This attendance allowance is paid in two ways and is based on the amount of care you receive due to your disability.

The DLA or more commonly called the Disability Living Allowance offers two types of help for disabled people. One you may start a new claim for someone if you are making a claim for someone who is sixteen years old or younger. This is technically called Disability Living Allowance for children. If someone is looking to apply for this for themselves they must file it as a Personal Independence Payment. A note about the Disabilities Living Allowance, this is actually changing over to the Personal Independence Payment. The program change is in affect and will be covering those people who have been awarded an indefinite or lifetime Disability Living Allowance award.

Disability Premium is an amount which is already included in the Income support if you qualify for the compensation. Couples generally get forty four pounds a week and single people get thirty one pounds a week. If you are severely disabled or think you may qualify for more benefits, you may want to check out the extra parts of Disability Premium. Remember any cash assistance you get is added to your Income Support payments automatically, so there is no need to apply for the additional disability Premium.

Disability financial support has a large range to help people who really need the help; starting with tax credits, benefits, payments, concessions and grants. Currently the main disability and sickness benefits include but are not limited to: Disability Living Allowances or Personal Independence Payment, Attendance Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance. No matter what your circumstances may be, you may be eligible to get: Industrial Injuries Benefits – if your disabled situation was caused by job or a work related accident. Constant Attendance Allowance – if you require daily care and attention because of a certain disability.

If you are currently disabled you may apply for these: Exemption from paying vehicular tax, Blue badge for parking benefits, a bus pass strictly for disabled people or access to a railcar, and help to purchase or lease a vehicle from the Motability scheme. If your local council deems you are needing care and support services, you may be entitled to Direct Payments allowing you to purchase or arrange help yourself instead of getting financial aid from social services.