Disability and Driving In the UK

If you’re disabled and live in the United Kingdom, you may not know it, but you can actually qualify for a blue badge. This badge is especially designed for those drivers that are disabled and recognised as having a disability. It is a badge that will be displayed on your car, and will allow you special parking rights. It depends on what type of disability that you have, but this article covers the basics of being able to get a blue badge as a driver with a disability in the UK.

The first step would be to tell the DVLA about your disability. If you currently have a UK diving licence and have developed a medical condition or a disability then you need to notify them first. Failure to tell the DVLA can actually result in you getting a £1000 fine. Many are worried that they will lose their licence for having a disability, but this is not always the case.

Once you have notified the DVLA about your condition, they will firstly decide if you are able to keep your licence. Secondly, they will decide if you need to make any special changes to your current vehicle that will enable you to be more mobile whilst out and about on the road. Thirdly, they may refer you to a charity that will be able to perform any necessary modifications that are required on your vehicle. If you are one of the unlucky drivers that are told to give up your licence, then you will be notified in writing and asked to surrender your licence. Usually this only happens if you have a neurological disability such as epilepsy, or sleep apnoea that will directly put you in danger should you remain behind the wheel of your car.

If you qualify for the blue badge scheme you will be asked to get in touch with your local council in order to be able to obtain your badge. This is a great addition to being a driver on the roads within the UK, as it is designed to allow those with disabilities the added benefit of being able to park in disabled spots, which are designated closer to the shops. Of course, being able to get even an inch closer to your destination when you suffer from a disability helps you significantly. You can visit the official government website, and enter your local postcode. You will then be directed to the appropriate application form. It is very easy to apply, and you will have to send in some supporting documents too. The decision period is very quick, and you will be met with a decision in no time at all.

The important thing to remember is that if you are disabled, a good positive attitude will help to ensure that you do not let your disability get on top of you. There are so many schemes set up in order to help those located in the South of the UK (and all of the UK) to be able to live their lives with greater ease, and not let the disability get the better of them. The government are always offering new schemes that can help those with a disability and you will never struggle, once you start to reach out to the available help.