Disability Groups in the Southwest and Southeast of the UK

Disability Rights UK is an organisation of people with disabilities who are working together to create an environment for those living with disabilities or health conditions. It is set up so that disabled people can participate as full and equal citizens in the United Kingdom. This article provides a description of the local groups in the southwest and southeast of the UK that are accessible to those that have a disability.

The Aldershot Garrison Special Needs Group is located on Hospital Hill, Aldershot in the Union Buildings and is run by parents who have children with special needs. It offers a place to relax and get advice and support with regards to those aspects of caring for individuals with special needs. There are always community trips and events for children with special needs and their families.
The Fed Centre for Independent Living, or the Fed, is an organisation led by its members that promotes dignity and independent living for not only disabled people but for all individuals. It works to ensure that the needs of disabled people are included when new services are being planned and developed. The group covers the areas of Hove and Brighton.

Pompey Strokes is basically a web site for people who want to get more information in Portsmouth and the surrounding area about support for stroke. It covers such topics as basic information, what local stroke services are and how to find them, descriptions and tips about equipment for independence and mobility, financial assistance this is available and information on places and activities that are friendly to people who have suffered a stroke.

Wokingham Area Access Group is a web site that is the official guide for accessibility award schemes for the area of Wokingham, Berkshire. The group was founded in 1998 by people who wanted to ensure that the disabled and young mothers had better access to services and shop in the Borough of Wokingham. Today it works to improve accessibility for the entire population of the Borough and is helped by the Wokingham Borough Council and the publicity from newspapers and the media. The Wokingham Area Access Group gives out awards to any shop, business or service in the Borough that provides good accessibility to those with disabilities or families with young children.

The Ayrshire Independent Living Network promotes the principles of independent living and provides help and advice to those who are disabled throughout north, east and south Ayrshire. It is run and led by its members who are looking to take more control of their lives by using monies from the 1993 Independent Living Fund or Direct Payments.

The Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance or SIAA is an organisation that ensures that independent advocacy—the ability for people who need a stronger voice in expressing their needs and desires. It is available to any person who is vulnerable, discriminated against or is having problems finding services in Scotland. It provide support to its local member organisations by raising awareness and understanding of independent advocacy across Scotland and making sure that it is made more available through the influence of national policy and practice.

If you are disabled, or are caring for a child or adult with a disability make sure that you or your loved on join some of the above groups.