Vaccines Damage Repayment for Victims of Medical Negligence

Everyone takes vaccines to ward of all types of diseases. From childhood to adults we have at one point accessed different types of vaccines for work and school. Whilst travelling to other foreign nations we are required to take vaccines to ward off their diseases which are uncommon in our areas. However, once in a great while there is a problem with the vaccine, while this is certainly scary, there is repayment if for some reason the vaccine renders you severely disabled. People who show evidence of this situation may be entitled to one hundred twenty thousand pounds, tax free and a onetime payment. In the UK this is referred to as the Vaccine Damage Payment.

This onetime payment has effects on the other benefits you may be getting. If the person is entitled to Income Support, Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Housing benefit Credit, Council Tax Reduction, Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, Universal Credit, Pension Credit, or Employment and Support Allowances, the effect of the compensation will depend on numerous issues. While the idea of being paid back for the severity of a vaccine problem is appealing there is one faction in place, the money will be placed with a trustee and payments will be made from the trust to the person who is severely disabled. As a note, keeping good medical records at home may be beneficial to you. In your best interest you should willingly tell your council office whom your current benefits or tax credits reside will know whether you have been awarded the Vaccine Damage Payment or not. In order to call them or contact your office, you will find information to reach them from the previous letters which have been sent to you.

There are a number of different types of vaccines; your eligibility to get the Vaccine Damage Payment must be related to one of the popular vaccines given to children before the age of 18 and for those in the armed forces who may have gotten vaccinated for work outside the UK. Previously gotten a combined vaccination which could have been a combination of any of the above vaccines, the common one is MMR, for measles, mumps and Rubella. You may be able to qualify for the vaccine damage payment if your mother was pregnant and got a vaccine for one of the diseases listed or you have been in physical contact with someone who may have had an oral vaccine for poliomyelitis.

To be considered for the Vaccine Damage Payment, you have to have proof of disablement. Disability has a requirements percentage, the person applying for the payment must be at least sixty percent disabled to be accepted for the VDP (Vaccine Damage Payment). The percentage must be backed by medical evidence and is not limited to physical disablement, but also mental as well. The vaccination you received should have been given to your prior to your 18th birthday unless there was an outbreak within the UK and the vaccine was administered then.